Home Theater

Well, I am very teed off. Tonight, we finally received our home theater system and like any kid at christmas I opened all the packages, surveyed the battle arena and made my attempt to make the thing work.

I recruited the advice of friends (thanks Law, Lyn and Kat), online literature and literature from Crutchfield to place the speakers in the living room. After arriving at a good initial setup for the speakers, I started hooking up components to the receiver.

Then, came the joy of the project: running speaker wire. I decided to run white 16 gauge wire along the wall to the back of the couch and connected the surround speakers (found really cool placement idea for these here [dolby.com]) placing the them behind the couch pointing up. We’ll see how that works…

I rigged the center speaker on top of the TV, just don’t breath on it or it migh fall. jk… I put the sub in a corner and finally the floorstand front speakers i put at an angle to a person on the couch (front speaker placement [dolby.com]).

So now i’m ready to turn my first born child on now. Read more of the instruction manual, connected power, pushed power button for 5 secs. to clear all memories….hmm…one problem. All the little buttons light up but the main display is very dark.

Well, to cut a long story short, a call to crutchfield later, the tech assist guy didn’t even offer a solution. He just said “we’re sending you a new one on monday”. So, I’m guessing it was somewhat f%#@&d up.

Now, I gotta wait till wednesday to enjoy the glory of DTS and Dolby Digital. Oh well, waited this long, what’s a couple more days…


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