Welcome to the new (and hopefully improved) theamells.net

It took me some time (and it is still not completely there) but the site is ready to go live (I hope). I have completely rewritten the page from Active Server Page (asp) to Hypertext Preprocessor (php). I found that php has a few options that I really like and so, there you go… Also, I’ve implemented Movable Type as our blogger. This blogger is really cool. It’s very flexible and I really like all the offline publishers out there that I can use (like I am using right now). Also, as you can see in the right pane of the site, Movable Type has archiving and categories and there are a ton of plug ins I can use (like the Netflix plug in I’m using). One important note. Movable Type allows for comments to posts. So, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line… 🙂

The pictures area is active. I will have a link in the left menu to all the picture sets and then I will add a link to the newest sets below that. The video area is still offline. I am still writing the code for it. It will be online soon…

Well, I hope you enjoy our site and we will try to keep it updated regularly on the happenings of the Amell clan in Dallas and with pictures (especially of Isabel).

Talk to y’all later,


2 responses to “Welcome…

  1. Hi Guys!
    I was wanting to see pictures of Isabel and then I remembered you had a web site! She is so beautiful–gorgeous eyes!
    Hope you’re doing well. Things are ok in Denver. I’m working for the Methodist Conference Office up here. Guess I just couldn’t stand the thought of being at an annual conference!?!
    Have a great fourth! And write sometime!
    Love, Nancy

  2. Hey Tommie and Ricky,

    I’m impressed with the new presentation at the amells.net. I can just imagine how much time has been put it to get to this point!!!

    I will need some lessons on how to navigate here!!!


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