one down…

…and hopefully only three to go…

Why oh why do the Spurs have to meet the Lakers in the second round? Well, they won game one. I actually didn’t want to watch the game. I get too worked up during the Spurs games, specially in the playoffs. Instead I did yard work… I did get to catch the fourth quarter though… What’s up with Phil Jackson flying the team back to LA to then fly back Tuesday night before Game 3? It don’t make no sense…

This weekend we watched Stuck on You on DVD. Neither Tommie nor I had watched the movie before and in a one word review: hilarious! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. and it’s not just the big jokes with the big punchlines, but it’s also the small little jokes here and there that kill you. Also, don’t miss the deleted scenes. Again, hilarious!.. you get the point… I recommend this movie for a good laugh.

We also watched Big Fish. It had a pretty good story but dragged a little in a couple of places. It was ok I guess… heh, I guess I’ll just leave it with “I wasn’t really impressed”…

To cap the trifecta, we watched LOTR Return of the King on Friday on DV….erm…ok, I know it’s not out yet on DVD but shhh.. 🙂 All I gotta say is “WOW!”…what a movie…. After going through the “Matrix: Revolutions” debacle, I was a little hesitant about another part 3…but, boy, was I delighted that I watched this movie… great ending to a great trilogy…can’t wait for that trilogy box set…

[Listening to: Fools Gold – The Stone Roses]

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