A great big thanks to Uncle Jerry

I want to thank Uncle Jerry. For those who do not know, Jerry takes care of Isabel during the day while Ricardo and I are at work. It was kinda a fluke how it all came about too. I mentioned it in passing one day on the phone and he said he would give it a shot. After just 2 days, he said he would do it. Yea for us!!! It made having to go back to work bearable for me. I know she is in great hands and has all the love and attention she needs. He has had a major impact in Isabel’s life and development. If it weren’t for him she would still be sleeping in bed with me. He is a godsend and I can’t thank him enough!!! We are so fortunate to have him in our lives. Isabel absolutely adores him. And of course he adores her too. Who can’t use a little spoiling…….ok, a lot of spoiling!! But isn’t that what babies are for?

So, if we don’t tell you enough Jerry – THANKS!!!!


2 responses to “A great big thanks to Uncle Jerry

  1. Yes Uncle Jerry, you are a life saver…thank you so much!

  2. I thank God for sending me into your lives. It is a joy to take care of Isabel. What a rewarding job, compared to my telecommunications job with AT&T. I never dread going to work. All Isabel(poodle) has to do is smile and I melt!

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