Game 2 – Spurs vs. Lakers

I tried… I made a conscious effort not to watch the game. I couldn’t help myself. After Tommie went to sleep and while I changing the style sheet of the website, I couldn’t resist the curiosity and turned the TV on. The game was in the beginning of the fourth quarter, Spurs up 83-80. As if by magic, the nervousness, restlessness came… What happened to me? When did I get so bad? I was never this bad while watching the Spurs games until last season. But, oh well, I kept watching.

The Lakers again stalled in the fourth quarter while Tony Parker just made plays. One in particular stands out for me. The play was when Tony had the ball and crossed-over Devon George to then tear drop it over Shaq… Very pretty… The Spurs ended winning the game 95-85. I have no idea how I’m gonna survive the rest of the playoffs.

In other news, Lawrence emailed me a link to a preview of ESPN NFL Football 2005. This game is going to be amazing. Sega wrote the games graphic engine specifically for the Xbox (instead of for the PS2 and then porting) so the graphics are going to be amazing. There are some changes to the game play also (no more über running backs that can break almost all tackles and can’t be caught, better tackling, etc..) Also, there is going to be league play and persistent stats Through Xbox Live. It’s gonna be awesome….

[Listening to: Breakbeat Massive ( – Simply Jeff]

One response to “Game 2 – Spurs vs. Lakers

  1. cyberhippiekat

    You crazy…
    I’ve watched both games. Lakers suck anyways!

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