Game 6 – Spurs vs. Lakers

Well, my Spurs didn’t make it past the mighty Lakers… hate to be cliché-ish but: “There’s always next year”…

Didn’t watch the game tonight, not because I avoided it but because we went to Taste Addison. We ate a bunch of food from the restaurants that are in Addison (you can call it restaurantville from all the restaurants that are there). I specially enjoyed the crab cake I ate from Trulucks, the lamb kabob with curry from Clay Pot and this Tenderloin sandwich from De Tapas. The food was amazing… There was a second reason we went to Taste Addison: B52’s were playing there… It was great… They played all their old stuff (Private Idaho, Rock Lobster, Roam, Love Shack, etc… )…. had a blast…

To work off all that food (and the food that has taken permanent residence around my waist) I decided to do road cycling. I have been trying to think, for a while, what type of exercise to do to lose a few pounds. I had always (before bad habits took over my body) liked to ride bicycles for long distances so voila, cycling is my exercise of choice. Went out Saturday and bought me a bike, helmet (gotta keep the noggin intact) and a couple other accessories (no Lycra pants………..yet) and should be starting my daily bike rides either today (Sunday) or tomorrow… I’m going to try to take it easy in my first few weeks of riding and build up my lungs. Then, I can start working on endurance and pace… I am actually really excited about this and hopefully I’ll stay with it….

Here’s a pic of the new “toy”, as Tommie calls it…

2003 Fuji Ace

The fence is finally finished (except for the staining/sealing which they do a couple of weeks after the fence is finished). I took pictures everyday of the fencing process and will post them hopefully tomorrow. I will also post more pictures of Isabel.

It’s pretty late… I should be going to sleep…gnite all…

[Listening to: March Mix 2004 ( – Steven Tranzor ]

3 responses to “Game 6 – Spurs vs. Lakers

  1. cyberhippiekat

    It’s a shame. But watch out for the Rockets next year!

  2. i guess i can ride a bike now that the kid is on the way. they say you need to get “nut” safe bike seats and loose shorts or you’ll strangle your boys.

    i lost a lunch bet that lakers would loose the series when they were 2-1. dang it. what were the odds they would come back

  3. What a tragedy! I dislike the Lakers, sad to see em win… Even sadder that it happened by beating the Spurs. Now, ride Ricardo! Ride like the wind!!!!

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