Oy!, I'm outta shape…


So, I went cycling yesterday after work for the first time and all I gotta say is: “man, I’m outta shape!”. I don’t know what distance I biked but I only lasted 15 minutes at a brisk pace. It’s going to take me some time to get my lungs back (hopefully sooner than later). I decided to stick around the neighborhood while I got used to riding again and also raised my endurance. Didn’t know where I was turning half the time and went into a couple of dead ends but it’s cool, at least I’m getting to know the neighborhood… 🙂

Today I think I’m going to ride this ~2 mile loop around my neighborhood. This should be a good measuring stick to see how I’m progressing (how many laps). I should be getting my little cycloputer in a couple of days. Then, I should really know how I’m progressing. The little computer keeps track of speed, distance, time and, more importantly for me, cadence (the rpm’s I’m pedaling so I can keep a steady pace).

My legs were a little tight when I got home but not sore. I must admit, even though I was kinda dying when I got home, it felt kinda good to be sweating like that and also the tightness in my legs felt kinda good. I hope that’s a good sign. I suspect tomorrow morning is going to be a different story with the soreness. It’s always the second day that kills ya, right?


The guys that built the fence came out today, after we had a chance to check out the details in the fence and make a note of what we needed fixed, and fixed a couple of things that needed fixing. All in all, the fence guys worked really well and the fence came out awesome. The stain guy is coming out today to seal/stain the fence. After that, the fence should be complete. I will post a couple more pictures of the fence once it’s stained.


3 responses to “Oy!, I'm outta shape…

  1. cyberhippiekat

    Exercise sucks. Hahahahaha.

  2. tell me about it…but it’s not that bad…

  3. cyberhippiekat

    No…you suck! You just got a new toy!
    We live in bike-town and we don’t have bikes…LOL. But you got Lyndon thinking, it’s contagious.

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