I’ve been playing around with WordPress for a little while now and I like it…it is PHP based instead of Perl (like Movable Type, the software I use) and it is much faster in posting, it’s still free for home users, etc… Migrated the website to WordPress in a flash and all that is left to do is to get it to look “ours”…not the default template… Now, this part is going to take a while, so, for now, you are going to see the current site until I get the design finished… We’ll see how it goes…

Yesterday I finally received my cycloputer that I bought from ebay (side note, I LOVE ebay). I bought the Cateye Astrale 8… It is a nifty little device… It measures my current speed, my average speed, time riding, odometer, cadence, etc… Right now I’m using it to keep an eye on my cadence (revs per minute of my pedalling) so I can keep them high enough to “work out”… One thing that I realized by having the Cateye is that I have been riding approximately 10miles per day… Not bad for a 14 yr. smoker…


One response to “WordPress

  1. cyberhippiekat

    Have you uploaded your test pages yet? Yah…typepad is a bit slow.

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