My muscles are REALLY gonna be sore tomorrow…

Well, today is the day I start weight training. I set up a weekly schedule of exercises and today is the first day of lifting. Today I’m doing a 5 mile bicycle ride (half the regular ride) to warm up and then back and biceps. I “borrowed” the schedule from this guy that is also kinda the inspiration for my fitness craziness. His name is John Stone and he, one day, made the decision to start working out and eating right. His diet is too restrictive for me (I’m just gonna try to eat better and maybe add more protein) but I’m gonna try to kinda parallel his workout routine. In a little bit over five months he lost 55 lbs. and 12% body fat. That’s awesome… I’m not expecting that great of a result but if I can go from a 36-ish 🙂 waist back to 31 I’ll be super-ecstatic… and getting cut in the process while gaining muscle won’t be bad either 😉

The way he has documented his weight loss and weight training is awesome. Make sure you check out his “Picture by Month” (week, or day) section… So, I’ll update after my workout today…if I can move…


4 responses to “My muscles are REALLY gonna be sore tomorrow…

  1. cyberhippiekat

    Fine. I’ll work out today too then. But I don’t think I’ll loose any inches…haha.

  2. Are you going to do a ‘picture of the month’ thing too? I don’t know if we can all handle a little Ricardo nipplage…

  3. 31″ huh?
    i think I was a 31″ in 6th grade. yeah no hope for me to get that small. I too will start to work out, my thumbs. muhaha

  4. oh, to be a 36 again!

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