Had to happen sooner or later…I guess

Today it happened…f***er pulls out in front of me and to avoid him I eat the curb…he even had a stop sign but hey we don’t need no stinking stop signs…didn’t even stop to see if I was still alive…lost some skin, bike scratched up a bit, front wheel needs re-alignment, front brake working kinda funky but after that everything’s ok (including me 🙂 )…thank goodness…

I knew it was gonna happen but not this soon…and this was in my neighborhood…if I see you again black Acura….argh!…

taking the bike to my local bike shop tomorrow for some TLC…hopefully it won’t be too bad…

Dropped off the bike at the bike shop and picked it up this afternoon (5/27) and bike shop guy says Mr Fuji is A-Ok…now, If we could only stop having this freakish thunderstorms in the evenings so I could ride we would be even better…. 🙂


4 responses to “Had to happen sooner or later…I guess

  1. hmm black acura – nope it wasnt Kathie. Still, sux for your new ride 😦

  2. cyberhippiekat

    Holy cow!

  3. trade in your rims for something that sparkles and maybe some tassles so they can’t miss you 😉

  4. man, that sucks… but atleast you’ll have some cool new scars?

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