I hate you Brandon!!!

man!…Brandon (friend from work) went out and bought my truck this past weekend πŸ™‚ …he bought a 2004 Nissan Titan King Cab (almost my truck…I like the Crew Cab)…I really, really hate him… and Tommie is gonna hate him more since now she’s not gonna hear the end of it…just joking on both counts…

welcome to the Nissan family Brandon and now you can go to the Dallas Nissan club meetings with me…we need more trucks there to balance the ratio out (too many Maximas)…


3 responses to “I hate you Brandon!!!

  1. I enjoyed riding in Ricardo’s supercharged Fronty so much when we all go out to lunch that I had to check out what I was missing.

    The Fullsize Titan and Mini gasoline radio controlled Titan is soon to come to a parking lot near you πŸ™‚

  2. Hey! What’s wrong with too many Maximas? It’s been three years now, and I still love my 20th Ann. Maxima. Welcome to the Nissan club, Brandon!

  3. there is nothing wrong with Maximas…but the trucks gotta represent… πŸ™‚

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