Now will you start listening to me Lawrence?

Now will you start listening to me Lawrence about NBA stuff? I told you Detroit had the defense to handle the Lakers…

The Detroit Pistons took a 2-1 lead in the NBA Finals by defeating the Lakers 88-68…. I just hope they keep up with the defense…

So mad… forgot about the game last night (was watching Lance Armstong stuff on OLN) so I found out this morning when I went to…next game is Sunday…won’t be missing that one…


3 responses to “Now will you start listening to me Lawrence?

  1. cyberhippiekat

    But you know the Lakers can explode and they do have the talent. Don’t cheer so early and jinx the Pistons! We have to quietly cheer for them…haha.

    And what are you crazy? How can you miss the game? But it was boring, I fell asleep. We watched the first 2 games during the free happy hour at our resort. All Lakers fans…so we had a good time cheering against them. Oh yah, did I say free mai-tais! Hahaha…the games were extra sweet!

  2. excuse me darling…….how did you find out about the game? I do believe your wife is the one that told you………hahaha….just kidding…lyg


  3. lets count the injuries
    -karl malone
    -rick fox
    -horace grant

    i’m always for the LA team to crash and burn but kinda sucks to not seem them loose with all their players at least 80% healthy.

    they always say defense wins championships. i figured if chauncey billups lights up it’s game over. he’s been killing gary every game.

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