Come on Detroit!

Last night was closer but Detroit came out the winner… The Pistons defeated the Lakers 88-80… I don’t want to celebrate just yet as it’s the Lakers we’re talking about and they might just pull a Spurs on them and win three in a row (yeesh!)…but a good statistic is that no team has come back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals…

In other news…I’ve already lost 10lbs.!…as of Saturday I’m back to 200lbs…not that that weight is good but it’s really good to see progress…still a ways to go to reach my, as Lawrence calls it, “fighting weight” of 170lbs…but I’m on my way…

Also, I finally posted more pitcures…enjoy…


One response to “Come on Detroit!

  1. cyberhippiekat

    No more weight talk. I gained 3 pounds the week I was on Kauai. So I always have to ask people. “Do I look pregnant? cause if I don’t, I’m just fat! So you better say I look pregnant.” Hahahaha.

    Aight, I think it’s almost time we can officially cheer for the Pistons.

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