Isabel is crawling!!

Just being the proud mother that I am I had to announce that Isabel is officially crawling!!! She has become a pro in just 2 short days!!! Just put something on the floor you don’t want her to have (a piece of paper, dog bone, etc) she will be on it in no time! Ha Ha! We are so excited! Now comes the real fun………it is just a matter of time before she crawls out the doggie door after Jessie……….she is also waving bye-bye…..but of course will only do it for Uncle Jerry……..ha ha ha….

It is amazing how quickly they grow up………she will be 9 months old next week!!! She is absolutely precious! This weekend she will try swimming for the first time………can’t wait!


One response to “Isabel is crawling!!

  1. That’s so exciting to see her go through all these different stages. She’ll be zooming about the house before you know it. Hope you guys come for a visit soon. Maybe when you guys come down, we can go check out some neighborhoods in Sugar Land…hint hint

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