Back from San Angelo

We got back from San Angelo (actually Eldorado, TX) last night… we had a lot of fun … we had a family reunion there this past weekend and we were also celebrating father’s day (thanks to all who remembered to wish me one on my first…sheesh!…Tommie was the only one that remembered and barely at that…) and the 60th wedding anniversary of Tommie’s grandparents…

The celebration took place at X Bar Ranch in Eldorado, TX…I must say, it was very relaxing…we played horse shoes (first time playing, so needless to say I almost knocked out a couple of people with “near misses”), we barbecued, we walked the trail, shot the breeze and drank a lot of beer…the barbecue was great…they smoked a brisket, made barbecued chicken, etc… needless to say, the diet wasn’t active this weekend…

The event that we were most looking forward to was that they have a pool there and it was gonna be Isabel’s first time in one. She loved the water…her legs were going a mile a minute under water…all this didn’t go flawlessly though…Tommie, Frona (Tommie’s Mom) and I had a little argument b/c I wanted to take Isabel underwater (for a second) and they didn’t want me to…I won and took her under water a couple of times…at first she wasn’t sure how to feel about it but after she was just fine with it and now she knows what it’s like…our little dolphin…we can’t wait to take her to the pool again…

I took tons of picture this weekend and will be posting them this afternoon…

UPDATE: PICTURES ARE UP! Look at menu on top left…

BTW…happy belated birthday lawrence!


6 responses to “Back from San Angelo

  1. Happy Belated Dad’s Day Ricardo! Sorry I missed it…

  2. cyberhippiekat

    Sorry…I forgot too.

  3. cyberhippiekat

    It’s cause it’s still very hard to think any of you guys as “dads” or “dads to be”…hehe.

  4. cyberhippiekat

    Wow, lots of kids in the family.

  5. Yep – I definitely believe in swimming babies. Really cool you can start dunking them so soon hehe.

  6. Hey, have you two watched Monster yet? Be careful, I had nightmares for a week that movie was so disturbing.

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