my scale is broken!

I don’t know what’s going on but I think my scale is broken…it will just not go under 200lbs! :-)…

It’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t lost a pound. Tommie says that I’m turning fat into muscle (which could be) but I just want to lose fat right now…

Soooo, I’m being a little bit more strict with the diet and I’m cutting out my Protein shakes…I’ll get to 160lbs before years end…dang it!

[rant off]

We had a pretty good weekend…we went to dinner at Marcus and Shannon’s on Saturday (even though we had to watch Texas lose the first game of the CWS and then they lost game 2 on Sunday but that’s another story)…Isabel and Ryan played and Isabel slobbered all over Ryan’s toys :-)…Marcus made great dinner…

Here’s a picture from that night:

Isabel and Ryan

We are heading to San Antonio this coming 4th of July weekend and I don’t know if I can go 4 days without riding (even more so that I’m now not losing as much weight)….I think I’m gonna have to take the bike over there…maybe ride 2 out of the 4 days…we’ll see….

ok, back to work now…ttyl…


3 responses to “my scale is broken!

  1. cyberhippiekat

    It’s easy…do what Lyn does. I eat his leftovers now. He lost all the weight he gained from Kauai. Haha.

  2. :roll:, well, so how did the weekend in San Antonio work out? It will take some time, but you will bring that scale down!!!

  3. Gracias Mami…the scale needle is actually starting to go down again…I am 195lbs. but I’m not saying anything…don’t want to jinx myself…again… 😦

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