Another Milestone

Isabel reached another milestone yesterday….she can now pull herself up to a standing position! She is so proud of herself! Now she can reach just about anything! She has also discovered the doggie door. Her and Jessie sit on opposite sides of it and play some kind of peek-a-boo game. It will be a matter of time before she tries to crawl out of it!

She also graduated from swim class yesterday so she can swim all by herself now! Ha ha…no but it was a great introduction to the water and swimming. She loved every minute of it! She got a certificate and some candy (well Daddy got to eat that since he took her!) Next year she will get a lot more out of the class. We (meaning Ricardo of course) will try and post some pictures and maybe some video of her performance from yesterday.

Have a great weekend!



One response to “Another Milestone

  1. congrats!!!!!
    always recommended to teach your kids to swim. always kinda weird when tall people (richard 6′) is scared of water getting into their mouth like they are drowning or somthing. u just got to shot “yo, stand up and breathe”

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