Go Lance Go!

So, I’ve never been really big into cycling but since I started cycling, the cycling bug has bitten me and I can’t get enough of the stuff. I usually just saw on the news when they announced who won the Tour de France. This year I’ve actually been listening to the live broadcasts every morning and learning a bit more on the strategy of road racing, thanks to the people at Bikeforums.net, it is actually very interesting…of course, it’s still better to watch it on TV but it’ll do…


3 responses to “Go Lance Go!

  1. Ric – do you have OLN on dish? I have also been watchin the tour too. Got french co-workers plus the fact that this is really austin’s only pro sports event (not that its in town – but everyone here seems to think so) Race has been slow so far – my fav part is when they go down the mountains.

  2. CyberhippieKat

    I’m watch it for the Sheryl Crow and Lance gossip. Hahah…just joking.

  3. There is something about watching the Tour, or the World Series of Poker, or even Trick Shot Pool that is just plain mezmarizing… fascinating and addicting!

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