This just in: Shaq is a Heat, Spurs get another white boy!

Now, before I start hearing about it, I’m just trying to be “teh funnay” with the headline and I am very happy the Spurs picked up Barry.

Shaq’s agent is saying that the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers have agreed to a deal to send Shaq to Miami. I am all for it… send Shaq to the Eastern Conference…now, let’s see who else is leaving the Lakers 🙂 … freaking Lakers!:twisted:

Ex Sonic Brent Barry will sign with the San Antonio Spurs to a four year deal. I think he’s gonna be a great addition to the Spurs since he can shoot lights out from beyond the three point line. Also, since he was point guard at Seattle, after Payton left, he should be a ‘really’ good back-up for Parker.

I had been wondering why the Spurs had been so quiet, but they were working hard in re-signing Manu Ginobili and are expected to re-sign Bruce Bowen.

We’ll see how it goes…


3 responses to “This just in: Shaq is a Heat, Spurs get another white boy!

  1. CyberhippieKat

    We wanted Barry. I don’t think we will get Fisher.

  2. Hey Tommie, I love your new do……and Ms. Isabel looks great standing up!!! She will surely get into everything now…..

    Un beso

  3. CyberhippieKat

    Malone, puzzled by the breakup of the Lakers, was being courted by the Spurs.

    “Without a doubt I’m serious (about the Spurs),” Malone told the San Antonio Express-News. “I’ve had serious dialogue with them, and more than once. I’ve talked to Coach (Gregg) Popovich two or three times and (general manager) R.C. (Buford) one or two times. They call about every other day. I’ve had great dialogue with them.”

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