What a weekend…

…or Saturday night, I should say…

If there’s something called “food overdose” I think we got it Saturday night…

Saturday night was our date (thanks again to Jerry and Johnny for babysitting!) and we headed out to Perry’s with Joe’s recommendation (and if Joe recommends it, you ‘KNOW’ it’s good). First, we dressed up a bit as this is a ‘nice’ restaurant and all and headed out in my dirty truck…oh, how I wished I’d had time to wash and detail my baby but after 25 miles of bike riding that morning I was in ‘relax’ mode the rest of the day…

Anywho, we get to Perry’s… this restaurant is not nice…it is noiyce!…small, cozy…great… We sat at our small table for 2 and listened to our waiter Anthony as he started describing the specials. I swear this restaurant was ‘made’ for us. Every single special sounded delicious and we wanted every single one of the dishes. If we could have, we would have told them to give us one of each from the menu and specials menu and just explode in a feeding frenzy but we would have probably have had to take out a morgage on our house to do that. I start looking through the wine list and to my surprise, even though this is a high end restaurant, the bottles of wine, for once, are decently priced. I decide on a Franciscan Merlot and boy was that little Napa Merlot good…so far, we’re doing good…

Now, we have to decide on appetizers (all diets were off that night btw). Tommie goes for their Bleu Cheese Salad which Joe recommended to Tommie and I went for Ceviche. I don’t care too much for Bleu Cheese but Tommie said the salad was really good. The ceviche was really good also. Another point on the plus side for the restaurant.

For our main dish we had some problems deciding. Everything sounded so good. But, being as this was a steak house, Tommie opted for their Prime Rib with Bleu Cheese and Crab stuffed Shitake mushrooms with their Au Gratin potatoes and I went with their Filet Oscar which was a 12oz. Filet Mignon with Crab claw meat and Hollandaise sauce on top with their Au Gratin potatoes. I’ve had many a steak here in Dallas and I must say, this was the ‘best’ steak I’ve had so far. So tender, juicy and flavorful…

We were stuffed after that, to say the least. But, we didn’t know when we were gonna have the chance to eat that good again so, dessert, here we go!… Again, we wanted every single dessert they had. Créme Brulée, Cheesecake, Chocolate Fudge Cake, etc… We went with the chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream (at Joe’s recommendation again). Tommie could only do a couple of bites so I had to take one for the team (darn!) and finish the whole monstruosity of a slice of cake. Sweet Jebus!, that was good… By that point, I think I was pushing the elastic limits of my stomach. I hadn’t eaten that much in a long, long time. Both Tommie and I were hurting pretty bad.

If any of y’all find yourselves in D-town and want a really good steak in a very romantic restaurant, head over to Perry’s…they’ll treat you good…and before I forget, thanks to Anthony, our waiter, who was really cool, attentive and made it a great experience…


5 responses to “What a weekend…

  1. Just had to add my $0.02……..YUM!:grin: But I think I have had my fill of blue cheese for a while…….hehehe

  2. where is the doggie bag??

  3. you tell the food who’s boss. um, how do u remember all the details? do u get tommie to jot down the waiter’s name and food selections?

    i’d be like “yeah the dude, who looked like…”

  4. I’m full and I wasn’t even there!!!! That sounds like a wonderful night…..

    See u on Saturday!!!

  5. :mrgreen:

    Now you know why Uncle Joe is so fat !!!!

    LOVE PERRY’s………

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