Watch out Serena……

I am proud to say that at tennis yesterday I actually won all 4 of the games I played!! I was so excited. Mind you, I am not good by any means but I am finally getting the gist of the game. Still, I don’t have the lingo down yet either! Apparently, its not love – 15 – 30 – 45…hee hee……but I am making progress every week. There are six girls in the class and we meet on Thursday and Sunday nights for 2 hours and practice. I am having so much fun! I can’t wait until I am actually good enough to play in public!! 😆

Next week is the last class for advanced beginner (more emphasis on beginner than advanced) but the instructor hinted that most of us should retake the class before moving on. The next class is intermediate and he doesn’t think we are there just yet….but, I won 4 games so I feel I am ready for Wimbledon! Ha ha! I guess he doesn’t do social promotions! Oh well, I could use more attention to the basics I guess………:smile:

I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little big sister JOHANNAenjoy!! 😀


2 responses to “Watch out Serena……

  1. freaking sweet!!
    congrats. i loved playing tennis with lyndon, back in the glory days in Austin.

    keep of the good work. now if u can develop a nice “heeeya” grunt everytime you hit the ball you will scare your opponent out of at least a couple unforced errors

    we should play doubles some time

  2. When your lessons are over….would you want to take a CPR class together?


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