When am I gonna find time to cycle?

Just picked up ESPN NFL 2K5 at Gamestop (as an aside, the guy working the register looked “oh, so excited” to be working there) and I think I’m coming down with something and gonna have to leave early from work today…:twisted:…Just joking…

I can’t wait to get home and play this online (of course, after my bike ride) with Lawrence and Lyndon tonight. It has been confirmed that Lawrence was able to pick it up today. No confirmation from Lyndon though…

So, now with ESPN, NCAA AND cycling, time is gonna be at a premium…oh yeah, and don’t forget Wife and Daughter…:razz:

UPDATE: it has been confirmed that Lyndon has sent his wife to buy ESPN NFL 2K5 for him…that’s pretty sad but who cares, he’s gonna be able to play tonight and that’s what counts :mrgreen:


5 responses to “When am I gonna find time to cycle?

  1. CyberhippieKat

    Lyn has send his wife to the store already….:roll:

  2. yeeeesss

    the store i bought it from said they had 300 preorders of halo2. say what!!!!

    i have posted the top 100 players for college. when u guys play espn football, i’ll be updating my roster to watch out for super stars.

    $20. that’s preposterous

  3. Hey Kat, Ricardo was trying to make you sound like a cow! ha ha ha…I had to correct him.:razz: censored by the lord and master of this website :mrgreen:

  4. CyberhippieKat

    And the manager of Gamestop made the sales dude sell me his copy cause it was the last one for Xbox. How sad.

  5. that is pretty sad…poor guy…he’s probably cursing you guys tonight :evil:…:mrgreen:

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