Ahhh, that was nice…

This weekend was pretty good. Had a quiet one and didn’t do much of anything…

Friday after work I decided that I wasn’t going to wait until Sunday to edge and mow my 3 weeks of growth lawn. Man, it get so much harder after waiting a couple of weeks. When the lawn gets that long I really wish I had a self-propelled lawn mower. The torrential rain that we had Tuesday through Thursday didn’t help much either and the poor lawn got a couple of buzz cuts where the wheels of the lawn mower dug in a bit. I couldn’t let it go another day though; It was getting pretty bad.

I hate freaking weeds. The freaking dallis-grass will not die. I had been spraying a specific weed killer for that weed and it controlled it a bit and killed some. But after about, I don’t know, 6 applications the weeds are still there. I think I’m gonna have to go medieval on its a$$ and just start spraying Round Up where ever I see the weed growing and kill everything around it. I did a test run with it about two months ago with one of the smallest patches and it killed everything around it (even the lawn) but it only took a couple of week for the Bermuda grass to swallow the dead area back up. So, I’m thinking, the napalming of certain parts of our lawn will work. Might not look pretty for a while, but it might work…

On Saturday, I did pretty much abso-freaking-lutely nothing but play a little ESPN Football with Lyndon (can’t believe you still won 3-0, I want a rematch) and play some Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow for a few hours (been stuck at one place for a while now and it’s really ticking me off). Yeah, I’ve been giving my Xbox a lot of love lately. I’ve been neglecting it the past couple of months…

Sunday, I finally got my lazy butt off the couch and went cycling. Rode the longest ride I’ve done so far. My ride was a total of 36 miles and boy was I pooped after it. The hills might look small but after you hit 20 of them your legs start to say “who do you think you are? Tyler Hamilton?”. I need to start taking a Powerbar with me to eat when I turn around and start heading back home. I think I’m going to stay at about 35 miles for a bit and then increase. I wanted to increase to 40 miles this coming weekend but I don’t think that is going to happen.

In the afternoon, Joe came out to the house and we had some hamburgers on the grill and Joe made some home made banana pudding with Nilla wafers. I know…I completely undid my bike ride in the morning but I’ll make up for it this week… The burgers were sooo good though and that banana pudding was outstanding. Joe brought over a DVD from Robbie Williams concert at Knebworth to show me the number of people that he commands in the UK and Europe and it was unbelievable. He packed 150,000 people (each night) at Knebworth for three nights. I don’t know why he really hasn’t caught on here in the US. His song are actually pretty good. What really amazed me is the control he has over the crowd. He could command them to do anything and they would do it without hesitating…

Well, that was my weekend in a nutshell… Now, I gotta stop slacking off and do some work…ttyl…


4 responses to “Ahhh, that was nice…

  1. Robbie rocks! I caught on…haha. I love British pop.

    I like our grass really short. Lyn doesn’t like to cut it that short cause he says it damages it. I don’t care…I like it bald looking so he doesn’t have to mow all the time.

  2. Yp – definitely can do a rematch – need to get out of of those touchdown dances at least 😆

    As for weeds – I was weeding my front yard this weekend and I think I was actually pulling up my grass 😯

  3. please tell jessica not to pullup our grass. it might look like a weed but it’s just a really large grass root.

    my freaking dallis-grass is out of control. it’s the one with the purple blades on the tip and it can also spring out that really tall weed with the seeds right? i got them all over. my grass is like light brown because i didn’t water it enough but the freaking dallis grass is super green. stick out like crazy.

    i think tru chem tore up my lawn too, it looks good for 3-6 weeks, but now it’s actually looking worse than it did before and they told me they can’t even treat dallis grass. punks, they made my grass starve with their food. never again.

    i’m turning in my modem tuesday to get either the tosiba or motorola. we need to scout the message boards to who wants in our 4 man league. pref 20yr old with a job so they don’t play all day. cause those leagues are really cool on espnvideogames.

  4. Cyberhippiekat: yeah, cutting it really short is not good…there are certain lengths that are recommended for different types of grasses…also, letting it grow to the recommended lenght helps it resist weeds and retain some moisture (specially needed during summer months)…

    Lyndon: whenever you are ready 👿 (for the rematch that is)

    Law: I don’t know if it has the purple blades on the end…never seen them like that here (but also I don’t let them grow in that much) but it doeas have that really long stem with the seeds on the end (I try not to let it grow that to the point that it has those since if you mow them the seeds might germinate next season and voila, more dallis grass)…

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