Why are my posts only weekend recaps now?

I seem to be only posting on Mondays…hmm, getting lazy on the website already…

Well, here goes my weekend recap…:mrgreen:

Friday I was set to go out and bike for a little bit but got lazy and decided to spank Lawrence and Lyndon on ESPN NFL Football 2K5…what was it? 59-0? Granted you guys were using Arizona and I was the Boys’ but still that’s a spanking in my book…too bad it wasn’t a ranked game…I know they will take revenge on me soon enough so I gotta enjoy this moment…doesn’t happen often…

Saturday we were so ready to go out and run some errands… First, we needed some lunch so we decided to go out and try this tapas place we had tried at Taste of Addison called De Tapas. First, the place was eerily empty…hint number one… Then, we start looking at the menu and 90% of it was tapas (expected as the name of the place was De “Tapas” but I expected just a ‘little’ more variety). The selection of tapas was OK but dang the prices were a little high for just tapas… I went for jamon Serrano and a Spanish cheeses plate…I thought that also getting some bread I could satisfy my hunger… I was right but barely…the cheese plate had about 10 thin wedges of cheese and the ham plate had about 5 slices of ham…don’t get me wrong the cheeses and ham were great but dayum!…

Tommie and Joe didn’t fare as well as I did. Tommie got crab croquettes and a beef skewer…Tommie was happy with the taste but not enough…Joe wasn’t happy either…

So the day started not so good…you don’t go out to a restaurant and not feed Tommie well…it’s just not done…just joking baby…I love you…:shock:

Well, now we have gone there and know not to go there if we are hungry…kinda ironic for a restaurant, huh…

And all the errands we were gonna do? Just got one thing done…we bought Tommie’s b-day present, finally…a pair of K-Swiss court shoes so she can do her ‘hiyaa!’s better…:smile:… Also, we took Isabel to Willow Bend Mall’s play area…she had so much fun and we had so much fun playing with her and just watching her crawl around…

Sunday I finally got my lazy butt off the couch, again, and headed out for an early ride… Even though I was dying the last 5 miles, I made it. I rode 40 miles on Sunday. After 30 miles had to stop at a convenience store and buy a Gatorade which I knew wasn’t gonna last the whole ride (I planned ahead and knew where to stop) but I also had to get an energy bar (was pooped with 10 miles to go, ran outta fuel)… Ended up getting a Snickers Marathon bar…dang those things are good…ate it as I was heading out of the store and after about 10 minutes I was the Energizer Buny with sore legs…:mrgreen:…made it home ok but was useless the rest of the day…

After that, Sunday was just quiet… Did some research for the fantasy football league that I’m doing for the first time but the draft was postponed (again) at the last minute…thanks Pat! 👿

I’ll try to post more often…not just my weekend recaps…I’ll try…


3 responses to “Why are my posts only weekend recaps now?

  1. I’ve only had tapas when we were in Spain. We tried like 10 items. Some good, some not so good. Maybe they come in such small portions cause its like a cocktail food or something.

  2. I have not had good luck with restaurants lately…..:sad: which is really strange considering how much I love food!! :mrgreen: hee hee

  3. CyberhippieKat

    I’m gonna have Lyn try to talk his dad out of not coming to Austin Labor Day weekend, so you guys can stay with us and hang out to play games, cards, eat and get fat. Okey?

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