I ‘was’ 190 pounds on Friday (really happy that the weight started going down again) but note that the emphasis was on ‘was’. I didn’t do much this weekend, didn’t go riding Sunday morning (wasn’t feeling too good on Saturday night) and ate like it was going out of style (dang you Einstein Bros. with your delicious bagels and shmears! :evil:) so, I am back up to 193 lbs…

I’ll start riding again tomorrow and that’ll get the weight going in the right direction again…just a little discouraging…

In other news, my sister Lina and son Ford are visiting my parents in Miami. We almost had them as visitor for a night since hurricaine Charley was hanging out around Florida but it was not meant to be… We’re really happy she’s getting to visit them but my Mom is bummed a little that she has to deal with Ford for a whole 10 days…yeah, right…she’s ecstatic…

gotta go to sleep…tty tomorrow…


2 responses to “Well…

  1. Before the low carb thing, I thought…bagels…healthy and would eat a box of them. That’s freaking nuts.

  2. Yeah right…Mom says she is really, really ecstatic to take care of Ford…you are just jealous!!:mrgreen:

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