Isabel is 11 months old!!!

It’s hard to believe but Isabel is already 11 months old. She is absolutely precious!! I am pretty confident that she will be walking by her first birthday – not that we are ready for that – but she has been “cruising” and standing on her own for long bouts of time. She loves to crawl to the window with a toy in each hand and then stand there and bang them together and watch Jessie in the backyard. She is such a happy baby! 😛

She has her Mommy’s appetite! She so far hasn’t really found a food she doesn’t like yet. The other day when Grandma and Grandpa were in town she ate more of Grandma’s lunch than Grandma! She had some of a rice krispies treat yesterday for the first time and was actually climbing on me to get to it! She is definitely my daughter! Ha Ha!! 😆


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