Major milestone accomplished today.

On my ride today I accomplished a big milestone. Today was my first 50+ mile ride!…

According to my cycloputer it was actually 51.2 miles. I think I melted my thighs though. After I got off the bike at home and stretched a bit, they were aching pretty good. Nothing a good warm shower and a helping thigh massage from Tommie can’t cure.

I’m so happy… I’m half way to my goal of riding a century (100 miles) at one go. That one is probably not gonna happen until next year but I’m closer.

Next milestone: a metric century…100 km (62.2 miles)…that one is probably achievable before the really cold weather hits.

Here’s a picture of my route today…

50 Plus mile ride

3 responses to “Major milestone accomplished today.

  1. Hey…bike to Austin. Haha.

  2. That’s a little bit farther that 50 miles… :mrgreen:

  3. man i’m proud of u. i think by the time i ride past 5 miles i would be hit by a car. streets around our place isn’t so bike friendly.

    i’m going to try very hard to run 2 times a week. yeah right. but i shal try. if not for me, for jess cause excersise is more important to her because of preparation to the delivery.

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