Shop till u drop…then crawl!

Well since Ricardo talked about his super weekend I thought I would write about mine as well. My mom and sister Johanna flew in Friday night – of course the flight was late, it is Dallas afterall. We stayed up until 12:30 talking – and believe me that is LATE for me!!! Ha Ha Ha – sad but true.

We got up Saturday morning and Johanna and I headed out to Sam Moon Trading Company. If you haven’t been there and don’t know what it is I have one word…ZOO! Actually it was the least crowded I have ever seen it. (let me put it this way – it is so crowded on Saturdays they do not allow baby strollers in the store) After about 2 hours of Sam Moon we headed back home to pick up Mom and Isabel who had just woken up from a 2 hour nap (that is a good sign) and headed to Grapevine Mills Mall and stayed there pretty much all day. Isabel was a real trooper. They don’t have a childrens play place there so she was pretty much stuck in her stroller for 5 hours but she did great. I owe a debt of gratitute to the inventor of Cheerios… they are a lifesaver!!!

Saturday night we went to dinner with my uncles and went back Joe’s house for cake and ice cream. And let me tell you – you haven’t had good cake until you have had one of my uncle Joe’s cakes…YUM!

Sunday we hit the Shops at Willowbend. Since most of the stores in the mall are $$$ we weren’t there all that long. They do have a nice childrens play place there (that is where Uncle Jerry takes Isabel almost every day), Isabel got to play for a while in between stores.

Monday morning we headed up to Frisco to Stonebriar mall and went to see what Macy’s had to offer. We ran out of time and headed back to the house to make burgers and dogs on the grill.

Before we knew it – the weekend was over. 😥

(All that shopping and I only managed to buy 2 pairs of shoes, a shirt, a pair of pants and some jewelry at Sam Moon – and suprisingly I didn’t buy one thing for Isabel! Does that make me a bad mom? :grin:)

But all-in-all we had a great time.


One response to “Shop till u drop…then crawl!

  1. Uncle Joe may have to make Isabel a birthday cake!

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