To the couple from Lubbock: Thanks!

So, I was out for my 50 mile ride this morning when I come into an intersection and this couple (also road cycling) flags me down. They were trying to get to Hwy. 380 and I was heading to that highway. I told them how to get to it but that I was riding to that highway and that we could get to the highway before it together (I was turning off at another highway). We head out together, the husband setting the pace up front, me and then his wife (a little intimidating as the husband has been riding for 20 years and the wife has been doing triathlons for 6 years). This was really cool as this was my first time riding in a pace line. We were riding at about 20-22mph average and about 6 inches from each other. It was great.

When we got to the turn off I told them I was heading to 380 via a different highway that goes by the lake and if they wanted to ride it. Also, very politely, asked if I could follow their pace as long as I could. The husband was really cool by saying yes but even more cool he said that if I started to get dropped just to yell and they would slow down for a couple of miles (let me catch up and catch my breath) and then speed it back up.

I must say that I didn’t need for them to slow down and kept up. Also, I pulled (rode at the front of the line) for about 6-7 miles keeping pace at about 20mph. The only problem came after they turned off to continue their ride. I turned on the highway to return home and there it was: head wind. I had expended a lot of energy riding the pace line and now with the head wind I ran out of energy real quick. My legs were just dead. By the time I got to a big hill by our house, I was exhausted. I actually had to stop on the middle of the hill, rest for a bit and then ride on. Even after all that, today’s ride was the most fun one I’ve had. Gotta see where I can find a couple of people to ride with or maybe join a club.


One response to “To the couple from Lubbock: Thanks!

  1. :eek:WOW Ricky!!!! I just saw ur most recent pictures and ur looking GOOD!!!! I can’t believe how dedicated u are to the bike….. 50 miles!!!! WOW! I am soooo proud of u….keep it up. And hey, get Tommie out there. She’s wayyyyy too lazy these days! 😮

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