I'm not a fat ass

I have officially passed the moderately overweight threshold for my height and have gone (barely) into the healthy weight range. As of this morning I am officially 174.8 pounds. Now, I only have 14.8 pounds to go in my fat/weight loss. Hooray for me!…

not fat ass

As a somewhat related topic, it’s starting to get a little chilly here in the DFW area (temps should rise a bit but still…) so I gotta start thinking of winter cycling clothing. Oh yes, I’m not gonna stop cycling (hopefully) because the mercury drops.


5 responses to “I'm not a fat ass

  1. that’s a nice chart to look at right after I ate a cheeseburger for lunch… Just be glad you’re not on the moderate/severe limit (ahem)

  2. Ahem…I was over the Moderate/Severe limit… 5’10” & 212lbs…

  3. I am severly overweight. Thanks for the chart!:mad:

  4. great, i’m not fat i’m big bone.

    i’ll go on a diet whenever jess stops feeding me her left overs

  5. Uncle Jerry (JJ)

    your caregiver is severely overweight….I would need to get down to 175 to be in the healthy range….I need my strength to keep up with Isabel!

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