I'll spare you the full picture…

So, I had Tommie take a picture of me when I started riding and dieting. A few days ago I decided to have Tommie take another picture and see if my weight loss progress was noticeable…

I think it is… πŸ™‚

By the way, the timeline here is approx. 5 months…


5 responses to “I'll spare you the full picture…

  1. yikes. i had a polariod taken of me leaning back, man i got a huge double chin. i blame it on sympathy weight for jess

  2. 😯
    OMG! I can not believe the difference in you…that is FANTASTIC!!!! Amazing what dropping some weight can do!!! How much did you lose? Are you done? Fab-U-Lous!!!!

  3. πŸ˜†
    Dios mio, pero que diferencia!!!! Aunque Tommie me habia dicho que era grande, no pensaba que tanto. Estas muy buenmozo, wow, digno hijo mio!! Keep up the good work….Gracias Ricky por ayudarnos anoche, hablamos esta noche de nuevo!!!

  4. where’s the smile…….skinny

  5. Awesome blog you have. I enjoyed reading it this evening.

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