So, what am I NOT allergic to.

Today I went for (at last) my allergy test to find out what I’m alergic to. After I don’t know how many ear infections…

Here is the list…I am allergic to:

  • Dust Mites
    • D. Farinae – Moderate
    • Pteronyssinus – Moderate
  • Epidermals
    • Cats (no shocker there) – Moderate
  • Grasses
    • Bermuda Grass – Severe
    • Rye Grass – Severe
    • Johnson Grass – Severe
  • Dust
    • House Dust – Moderate
  • Trees
    • Mountain Cedar – Severe
    • Oak – Severe
    • Elm – Severe
    • Black Walnut – Severe
    • Sycamore – Severe
    • Cottonwood – Severe
    • Hackberry – Severe
    • Black Willow – Severe
  • Weeds
    • Giant Ragweed – Severe
    • Western Ragweed – Severe
    • English Plantain – Severe
    • Lambs Quarters – Severe
    • Russian Thistle – Severe

    So now I get to start allergy therapy to get these under control. I have the pleasure to, for the first few months, get 2 shots a week. The therapy should last a few years.


    2 responses to “So, what am I NOT allergic to.

    1. Man it looks like you got the heeby-jeebys… By the way, nice tan lines!

    2. Thank you…I worked hard at those tan lines…from my cycling…jersey lines…

      And those heeby-jeebys itched like hell…

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