Are you ready for some football? Maybe…

I had already turned the TV off…after Vinny’s second interception I had just given up. But, I knew I had to watch the end of the game. I had already stayed up late; might as well stay up late and watch the end of the game where the Cowboys implode. And then the Seahawks score another touchdown to go up by 10. I had to stay strong and take the pain.

But wait, what’s this? The Cowboys are moving the ball down the field pretty quickly. Hey, Vinny’s throwing that ball far down the field. Is that Keyshawn in the endzone? TOUCHDOWN!… Ok, Ok, we’re down by three and there’s 1:45 left… They’re not going to do it. Seattle is just going to run down the clock. Cool, the Cowboys are gonna onside the kick. Hey, nobody is really going for the ball. Witten has it, Witten has it! They might do this. And then this happened:

Julius Jones game winning rushing touchdown.

To complete the heart attack trifecta (or is it quad-fecta?), the Seahawks almost got the Hail Mary pass.

Cowboys win 43-39…Ok, I’m going to sleep now…if I can…I knew the Cowboys would pull it off the whole time… 😉


One response to “Are you ready for some football? Maybe…

  1. I wish I had been able to watch the game. ABC local news was broadcasting a high rise building on fire… Fire Bad! oh well, that’s what Sportcenter is for!

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