EA hammers out deal with NFL

How could this happen? How can this be legal? The NFL has agreed to an exclusive deal with EA for the exclusive rights of player names, team names, stadiums, etc… This agreement is for five years and it is rumored to be for more than a billion dollars. This is, obviously, gonna put a hurtin’ on my beloved ESPN NFL Football series (series developed by Sega). In recent years, and specifically 2004, Sega had been gaining ground on Madden by making a superior product and slashing prices.

Now, with this deal, the only company that will be able to release games using the real names and likenesses will be EA. This just blows. Sega will be able to release a football game but who wants to play using the Red Bay Slasher with Brent Vafer as the quarterback?

This has me steamed. There is already a petition started. I don’t think it’ll do much but I still signed it. It is also getting a lot of press online. Who knows; maybe the power of the ‘intarweb’ will bring something.


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