You go babe!

Excuse my french but my wife effing rules. She got me this for Christmas:

New Order - Retro -

She is the coolest wife ever…

Oh, I took a lot of pictures and video. I’ll have them up as soon as possible.

Merry Christmas y’all.


3 responses to “You go babe!

  1. Hmm nice gift. With a bunch 12″ versions and all digitally remastered, does it include all the original album art?

  2. It has 4 discs: Pop, Fan, Club and Live…the pop disc has the popular versions of Blue Monday, Bizarre Love Triangle, etc…, the Club disc has the remixes (really good ones), the Live disc has live cuts and the Fan disc has the “unknown” original tracks…

    It doesn’t have the original album art but it has a booklet of the band talkinga bout the various tracks and also interviews with producers and DJ’s…

    Good stuff…

  3. when i saw the picture i was like, so, um u going dancing at home now?

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