Boomer Sooner!

All I can say is “Wow!”…

I hate to find amusement in others misfortunes but it felt really good to watch USC whoop OU last night in the Orange Bowl. I actually stopped watching at 35-10. Had no idea that the game’s final score was 55-19 until this morning.

I was reading an article on and this part made me laugh out loud:

“This game so completely knocked the swagger out of the Sooners that they now know what it’s like to be Baylor.”

Pat Forde, senior writer at

Welp, maybe next year Jason White….whoops, maybe not…:twisted:


4 responses to “Boomer Sooner!

  1. Yeah, now we know how Texas must have felt on October 11., 2003. OU 65 – UT 13 πŸ˜‰

    The game last night was an embarrassement for the program. USC deserves that #1 ranking. It was definitely a wake-up call for the coaching staff and I’m sure there’ll be some shakeups. So, I’m already looking forward to next season.


  2. from what i’ve heard Bob Stoops is a prick.
    instead of taking the loss on himself and not having his players ready, which he should do considering he is paid millions of dollars vs his players playing for a college tuition, he blames it on his players.

    on the radio they were saying bob stoops
    -blamed his player who fumbled the punt return. not blaming how he didn’t prepare them.
    -blamed his secondary for not defending the long ball when he told them to double cover deep but still got beat, not blaming himself for poor preperation.

    Norm Chow just lit you up, take it like a man. so when the team does well he will take the credit but when the team does bad he says it’s the players fault? great. freaking fantastic. how about you got out coached by Carroll and Chow huh?

    OU has UT’s number. that’s fine. UT hasn’t been good since mack brown has gotten to UT. getting blown out by UCLA with ricky was a sad day. times are changing now with brown getting a 10yr extension.

    what would u rather have.
    -go to the rose bowl and have one of the best bowl games every played?
    -go to the championship game and get blown up? and have this qoute from Carroll. “We didn’t expect it to be this easy, but the game went our way from the beginning,” “I was a little surprised.”

  3. That’s why Mack would plea with the media so his player would get to the Rose Bowl and get criticized himeslef. Yah…Mack drives me crazy sometimes cause he’s go nice to his players but dang, they sure do love him back. I mean…Mangum said, “I love you coach,” and thanked him for bring him to TX before he kicked the field goal? Hmmm… He must be some coach!

    So who needs Rose Bowl gear? I hear they only have the official shirts with the scores printed in Austin. That may be a marketing ploy. There’s been a line since Monday for those at the mall. We are going to get some this weekend so if anyone need one, pls let us know.

  4. i would mind having some boxers with the score. i would prefer it to be on sale though. so when i do the double ax to my crouch i can give it to michagan all day long

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