Pictures Update

I’ve uploaded some new pictures of Jose Robert, Miguel Andres and their cousins hanging out in Puerto Plata. Can you believe that Miguel Andres is already 7 months old? Man, time is flying…can’t wait to see them…they gotta hang out with ‘cool’ Tío Ricky ;-)…

The pictures can be found here or in our New pictures section…

Also, I’ve implemented Gravatars for comments on the website. Gravatars are avatars that can be used on many websites. First, you need to setup an avatar with Gravatar. As you can see in a test comment I made for this post, I have an avatar already set up with them and if I post in another website that has Gravatars enabled, that avatar will appear. Just make sure that when you setup the avatar you use the email address that you use when posting comments on websites. If you don’t have an avatar set up with them, the default “a” avatar will appear.

Lastly, I’ve restricted the avatar size to 30×30 pixels, so you don’t have to make the image bigger than that.


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  1. Test comment to show Gravatar ~~>

  2. Test comment to show Gravatar

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