I've been tricked!

…but in a good way…

This past weekend we were suposed to head down to San Antonio for Ford’s baptism. We flew down on Friday afternoon (by the way, Isabel did great on her first flight). The baptism was supposed to be on Saturday evening at Juan Carlos and Anita’s house. When we get there, for some reason it took them forever to open the door (it was drizzling) but I thought nothing of it. After Juan Carlos opens the door, a lot of people were inside and everyone is yelling “Surprise!”. When I saw them and they yelled, it still didn’t click. I was thinking, “surprise?, for what?”. Then I clicked…

My wife has been very tricky and sneaky… She’s been setting up this surprise birthday party for about 5 months. She did very good as I had absolutely no idea that this was going on. She even went to the point of setting up a special email address to communicate with invited guests…

A lot of family and friends were there. I wanted to thank everyone for coming, for the gifts and for those who weren’t able to come, you were there in spirit throwing back a few… Thanks to Anita and Juan Carlos for letting us borrow their house for the shindig…

Lastly, I want to thank my beautiful wife. Thanks for the great party and for the effort. I love you and you got me…


3 responses to “I've been tricked!

  1. Sorry to have missed the party. Didn’t think that Dylan can handle going out of town 2 weekends in a row. Okay…I confess…I didn’t think I can handle it ;).

  2. yep, as much as we wanted to, baby is a bit too young still. i’m still afarid to take her out to eat dinner

  3. You are very welcome!! I am so happy it was a surprise!! I love you too!

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