Duran Duran

Twas good…what a great concert…maybe 20 years late but I can notch off the list another band that I’ve wanted to see…

First, let me talk about their opening band Clear Static. This is an 80’s inspired band from California (influenced by The Cure and Depeche Mode) that has great songs. Every one of the song they played was good. Will definitely be looking for their CD…

You know, there are bands that sound good live and Duran Duran is one of them. They played for about 2 hours and didn’t disappoint in the hits department. They also played a few songs from their new album that sounded great live.

They played from Sunrise (from their new album Astronaut) to Hungry Like the Wolf, to Ordinary World to Rio…they did not disappoint…

By the way, New Order and Depeche Mode are working on new releases…2005 is going to be a good year…New Order will release Waiting for the Siren’s Call (can’t find a US release date but releases March 28th, 2005 in the UK) and Depeche Mode just went into the studio…now if New Order could only tour the US with this album…

Here’s the video for Krafty from New Order’s Krafty…sounds pretty good…


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