NJ & Moblog

Hey y’all… Howdy from New Jersey… Yes, you heard me right…New Jersey…

I was summoned last Friday to New Jersey and I have been up here since last Sunday. I, thank goodness, will be heading back to D-town Saturday. Can’t wait to see my two favorite women in the world.

Things up here have been a little hectic. First of all, I had no idea why I was coming up here. When Reddy (my boss) called on Friday (at 5:00PM none the less) to let me know I was needed in New Jersey, he didn’t know why. So, to say the least, I was a little nervous heading up here. Well, to make a long story short, I was named Engineering Project Manager for one of our product lines. We’ll see how that goes…

In other news, I’ve added a new section to the site. I’ve added a Moblog and you can find the link on the top bar or just click here.


2 responses to “NJ & Moblog

  1. congrats
    when u taking me out to dinner

  2. That’s my boy!!!!! Know you can do it, and do it well!!!

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