Isabel is 18 months old today!

How time flies…I can’t believe she is already 1 and a half! Ricardo doesn’t count months but I still do! So Happy Birthday Isabel!! 😀

Isabel is a sponge right now…soaking up everything you say or do and trying to repeat it. Her vocabulary is growing everyday. I know it is very hard to imagine but she is a chatterbox…(don’t know where she gets it :wink:).

Me, Isabel and Uncle Joe went to San Angelo this past weekend and Isabel sang most of the way up there. It was really cute! We had a great time. Isabel had so much fun playing the her little cousins. They were all very sweet with her.

She has me trained very well. When I get home from work she goes to the front door and says “park” and goes over to her stroller. She loves swinging and playing on the slides. I try to take her when the weather is nice. I guess she expects it now…hehehe.


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