Testing 1, 2, 3… Is this thing on?

Yes, we are still here and yes, we are still trying to update the website. With the new job position, it has been increasingly difficult to post on the site. Also, with the freaking landscaping we’ve been doing every weekend (and last night).

Here’s a quick update…

This past weekend was Mikey, Nicolas, Ysabella and Diego’s birthday celebration. On Friday it was Mickey and Nicolas’ at Chuck E. Cheese or as I fondly call it…Hell… Tommie hung out with her Mom ans Sister so I took Isabel by myself. Let me tell you, i was there for 30 minutes and I already had a headache. How the people that work there not go crazy after a week puzzles me. But, after that, it was fun to see Isabel run around and play. She mostly played in the toddler area and went up and down the slide about a million times. On Saturday, Ysabella and Diego’s birthday party was at Toys R Us. Isabel had a blast there too running around the store with the other kids in a scavenger hunt and then pigging out on pizza and cake. (Pictures to come)…

The landscaping is coming along pretty good. Last night we were able to put down newspaper (to prevent weeds) and pine chips on half of the landscaping area. Yes, you read that right: last night. We were talking about it at about 8PM last night how we should take advantage of Tommie’s Mom being there and try to do some of the work. I got in my truck, went to Home Depot and bought 20 bags of pine chips. The cool thing was that it only took us about an hour to do half the area. After work today I’m going to pick up a few more bags of wood chips and see if we can finish the other half. Tommie is going to try to finish the island this weekend since that part still needs to get raked.

Let’s see… cycling is not going so good… haven’t put any real miles in and on top of that, the last 2 times I’ve tried to go out riding I’ve gotten a flat 2 miles out. It sucks cause I’ve gotta stop and change a flat and also I gotta head back cause I only carry 1 spare tube. i gotta figure out what’s going on with that tire. I checked it both times and I didn’t see anything that could cause the flat. Unless it’s just really bad luck.

Well, that’s it for now…talk to y’all soon…


2 responses to “Testing 1, 2, 3… Is this thing on?

  1. Cyberhippiekat

    Lawnwork sucks. Sunday, it took Lyndon 4 hours just to mow and edge the front yard. That crazy or what!

  2. The first mow/trim of the season sucks and usually takes the longest.

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