High Drama at the Amell's

We had some drama at the house last night. I had just given Isabel a bath and was walking back in the living room and noticed Jessie (our dog for those who don’t know) was throwing something up in the air out in the backyard.

I went out to look and I saw what looked like a little mouse. Upon closer inspection, it turns out to be 5 baby bunnies. They were so small, didn’t even have thier eyes open yet. They were about 3 inches long. I uncovered thier little den when I mowed the grass this past weekend.

I find that two of them seem to be unharmed but the other three had bite marks in them. We get them all inside and put them in a shoebox with some soft towels to keep them warm. One of them seemed to be hurt pretty bad and we thought for sure it was dying. They were so small they really couldn’t even move much.

Then we start making phone calls. I must have called close to 10 places. It was after 7 so most places were closed and I got a lot of answering machines. I did talk to one person who said that someone could come pick them up but they would charge us for it so I thought I would try some other places first before it came to that. I then talked to someone who said to put them back and thier mom would come take care of them but we would have to keep Jessie out of the yard (not really an option). So we then called the North Texas Animal Rescue and they gave me a few numbers to call. So finally I called DFW Wildlife and talked to a really nice guy named Percy. He said he figured the bunnies were no more than 2 weeks old. He said that he and his wife could take them in. So I met his wife at a gas station and handed the bunnies over.

Percy called me this morning and told me that all 5 bunnies are doing well and the one we thought was going to die was very perky. Yea!!! That made my day!

So that was our adventure last night. Hopefully the bunnies will make a full recovery and lead long and happy lives…hehehehe 😀


One response to “High Drama at the Amell's

  1. bunnies huh? interesting. good too see they are okay. we get stray dogs from time to time and we just left one in our backyard and animal control picked them up. feel bad cause obi is in attack mode in his backyard. i don’t think the bunnies would have lasted in ours very long.

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