Hello, my name is Ricardo and my wife, Tommie, is a member of the FWC. She was inducted about 2 weeks ago and has not seen me since.

Oh, by the way, the FWC is the Forza Widows Club.

I swear, I have been so addicted to this game. I ‘ve been racing every free time I have. Online career mode, offline career mode, buying cars, buying upgrades, tuning the cars and most importantly, painting the cars in true racing team colors. Yes, I am a racing geek…heck, just a geek in general…

I would like to now publicly apologize to my wife. Don’t worry honey…the addiction should wind down a bit in a month or two…just kidding…love you?…honey, we are you going? honey?


2 responses to “FWC

  1. Cyberhippiekat

    That’s funny.

    Last night, Lyn said, “This game is awesome.” I was like…oh goodness.

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