Elkland – Golden

By the name of the band, Elkland, you might not think that this band plays synthpop. Yes, you read that correctly, I wrote synthpop.

This band snuck up on us. They opened for Erasure on their concert we went to and saw. If you like the likes of Erasure, Level 42, Book of Love, etc… you will like Elkland. Elkland is a new band that released their first full album this past April and it’s like a flashback to 1983. The CD is very good and recommend it. I could do a song by song review but I’m lazy so I won’t.

Just go out and buy it. It’s a fun CD and it’s only around $10 bucks everywhere…

Here are some samples…

Elkland – Golden

1. Put Your Hand Over Mine
2. Apart
3. It’s Not Your Fault
4. I Never
5. Everybody’s Leaving
6. Talking on the Phone
7. Everytime You Tell Me That You Love Me
8. Abandon
9. I Need You Tonight
10. Find Me
11. Without You
12. We Share a Heart


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