Lawrence Gets Lunch!

Lawrence made a bet at work that the Spurs where gonna win the ‘ship. Oh, by the way, the San Antonio Spurs win the 2005 NBA Championship by beating the Detroit Pistons, in game 7, 81-74.

I am so happy that the playoffs are over and that they are over with a championship for the Spurs. I’ve just gotten too into these games. Notice the lack of posts on the blog about the games? I just felt that I was following these games a little too closely and didn’t want to put it on here. BUt now, the Spurs are champions and I am going to finally get a good nights sleep.

Go Spurs Go!


3 responses to “Lawrence Gets Lunch!

  1. yeah suckaaaaaaaa. but richard when SA was up 2-0 bet the same I guy I did but he gave him a 3to1 bet. if SA wins he gets a lunch but if SA loses then he owes that guy 3 lunches.

    but turns out that guy owes richard and me a lunch. hip hip horay. fajitas baby!

  2. cyberhippiekat

    i guess i was the only person in texas cheering for detroit. just shoot me 😉

  3. You officially suck… 😛

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