VH1/MTV Learns Their Lesson

It was disastrous… The coverage VH1 and MTV had of the Live 8 concert was, in my view, atrocious. While audiences in Europe, Canada, etc… were getting uninterrupted, live coverage of great bands performing for a cause, the US was getting a “here, let’s tease you with some snippets of bands performing and then during the middle of the song let’s cut to a ‘VJ’ telling you how cool the performance is” performance. And dont get me started on the ‘cojones’ they had to cut some of the performances to go to commercial (most notably Pink Floyd).

I know they have to pay their bills but come on. The commercials could’ve come in between songs and the VJ’s cutting in was just bad. Ugh, remember the good ole days of Live Aid, Band Aid and Knebworth when the music was the main purpose. Not some VJ telling us how cool the music is.

I was in San Antonio during the coverage. I remebered about the concert mid-day and tried to watch a bit of it. When I caught it in the middle of Stevie Wonder’s performance and they cut to a VJ in the middle of a song, I just turned the channel…

To redeem themselves amidts a torrent of complaints, VH1 and MTV are reairing a lot of the performances, uninterrupted and commercial free, today Saturday 7/9 from 9AM to 2PM on VH1 and then from 2PM to 7PM on MTV.

Before I knew of the re-airing, I did manage to download Pink Floyd’s set from London’s Live 8 and let me tell you, it was awesome… The original lineup reunited for this concert and they sounded great.

Please visit Live 8’s site to get more information on the cause…


2 responses to “VH1/MTV Learns Their Lesson

  1. excellent, i’ll look into this sat

  2. Sorry Lawrence, it was actually last Saturday… 😦

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