All About Isabel

Hello Everyone…I got a great idea from Kathie about keeping a blog about Isabel. I know I really enjoy reading all her posts about her son Dylan and all the things they are doing so I decided that I would start a daily blog about Isabel. (We’ll see about the “daily” part…:grin:)

If anything, it will be something for me to look back on years from now and remember things I might have forgotten (especially since I will admit that I have not put a thing in her baby book and she is almost 2 :oops:).

There will be an Isabel link up at the top. So, if you want to take a daily look at life with Isabel please check it out and let me know what you think.

Ricardo is being really great about trying to incorporate the things that I want on the page so right now it is a work in progress…hopefully I can learn how to do some of this stuff myself one of these days…:wink:


One response to “All About Isabel

  1. cyberhippiekat

    Way cool. Can’t wait to start reading. Our babies do so many neato things every day.

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