Well my birthday has now come and gone and back to the grind. Ricardo was so sweet to try to let me sleep in yesterday but of course my mother ears perked up and somehow heard Isabel calling for me from her bed. But we did sleep until 8:30…that is really sleeping in for me!

Funny little story that parents will enjoy…Saturday night we are getting ready to go out on the town for my birthday. Had just given Isabel a bath and was drying my hair when she walks in the bathroom stark naked. I asked her where her diaper was and she said “right there” and pointed to it on the floor. She then pees all over the bathroom floor and starts stomping around in it…NICE! She thinks it is just hilarious and I am trying not to bust out laughing myself. She then goes to run away and slips and falls smack in the middle of the pee…UGH! She had it all over her back, her hair…everywhere and we are supposed to leave in like 5 minutes! So the resourceful father that he is – Ricardo gives her another bath – this time a “wipee” bath…it is so hard to keep a straight face sometimes! πŸ˜€ Oh – the joys of parenting!

Thankfully she wasn’t hurt and we left in time and had a great night out – which we really needed! Thanks JJ and Johnny for watching her on your day off!!


2 responses to “Weekend

  1. Cyberhippiekat

    Haha. It strange what these babies find funny.

    Sleeping in for me is 7am now, and that doesn’t happen very often. I don’t think I’ll be able to wake up any later than that for years and years.

    Sleep is such a luxury.

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