Doggie Door?

Isabel has now discovered that she can climb out the doggie door. She had just been sticking her head out but i guess realized that she could just climb out. Luckily she usually will come over to me and say bye mama and that is the clue that she is about to bolt. It is amazing how fast she is!!

I would love to get it on video but I don’t want to encourage her…hahaha

The doogie door is closed more often now -poor Jessie – always gets the short end of the stick…


4 responses to “Doggie Door?

  1. Cyberhippiekat

    You have to get it on video cause she’d laugh about it when she grows up too. That’s too cute. Good thing my cat door is small. But if D tries to crawl out of it to the garage…yuck!

  2. Cyberhippiekat

    look for samples on the left “Gallery”

    it’s really cool, beside, your hubby is an avid user of photoshop, just get him to do it…like building his website, but on paper 😉

  3. Cyberhippiekat

    this place is even better

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you…I am having so much fun…actually am doing tutorials for photo shop now! Ricardo will never get his computer back 🙂
    Also found lots of freebies at

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